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Another update on my training. I’m running out of good titles. Anyone got any good suggestions?

After my recent post about my training struggles, I took the decision to drop using the 20kg kettlebell weight for a few weeks. This was not an easy decision, and took about a week, two conversations with my coach, and a HIIT session (I’ll explain in a moment!) to make.

The forearm pain and inflammation of the tendons in my wrists was not improving with a few days rest between sessions. Despite tweaking my other workouts, it was specifically the kettlebell work that was causing them issues. The carbs may have helped my pace and endurance in the first minute with the 20kg bell, but the arm pain from there on was affecting me mentally as well as physically. It ended up being what I focused on, and hindered my technique. When you are hefting 20kg of metal around your head, it really does pay to be properly focused 😉

The final straw came early last week when I was finally able to get to a Metafit (HIIT) session (work reasons – pah!). Despite the pain from the morning session not being too bad that day, and having used pain relieving gel, as soon as I started putting my bodyweight through my hands and arms; owwwww! Slowly getting down to do press-ups caused as much pain along the arm as landing on my hands as part of a burpee.

The next morning I had a chat with Anna (my coach), and to avoid injury now knocking me out for months, we made a decision to drop to the 16kg for now. And to have a few days off kettlebell lifting. As a consequence I did a really good 1 minute on, 1 minute off 20 minute set with the 16kg later in the week at team training. I then rested again until this week. All lifts this week have been doable. There is slight discomfort, but no longer outright pain.

Based on some advice I was given about how tight various muscles of mine from my shoulder down to my wrist are, I’ve been doing some different stretches. I’ve also been using some self massage on various points to help. This combined with less stress on everything (physical and mental) is now hopefully going to pay off for the August competition.

In other news, the morning of the chat with Anna, I hit an all-time deadlift personal best (yes I use lifting straps; my grip is not as good as my posterior chain!) 🙂

For those concerned, the bruise on my shin is taking a long while to completely come out and go. This photo is from two weeks after the original injury. And it’s still tender to the touch 😕 Word to the wise – watch out for boxes being jumped on. They bite back 😉

C. Knight / krider

C. Knight / krider

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