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C. Knight / krider

I came across Sport Kitchen‘s website recently entirely by accident. One of those browsing sessions where interesting link leads to interesting link leads to… You get the idea!

I was intrigued to see what they offer because there are times, as with all of us juggling training, work, home life, …, there sometimes becomes a point where we are unable to bend the space-time continuum any more and something gives. These offered a simple solution to the nutrition side of that problem. Healthy pot noodles! Long shelf life, and very quick and easy to reconstitute. I also thought they could be valuable when travelling. Most places offer a source of hot water, even if not a microwave.

With this in mind I ordered a mix of their balanced meals. And on a whim decided to try their breakfasts too. I chose the meat/rice combinations for the meals as I prefer rice to pasta. That’s just my personal preference, not a judgement on the products. I didn’t get the recovery meals, as I’m still working on getting leaner so rarely have that many calories available to me.

I placed an order for two mixed six packs (sadly not of the ab variety 😉 ), and within 24 hours I was contacted to say they were out of stock of the beef & rice meals. Did I want a replacement or the order shipped out in two parts? I replied saying they could hold the whole order if they wanted to, as I was in no rush. However the company responded quickly and said two deliveries was fine for them and they didn’t want me having to wait! Awesome service before I’ve even received anything 🙂 The second package also turned up without prompting. There are a good few companies out there who should learn from these guys!

C. Knight / krider

C. Knight / krider

The main part of the order arrived the next day, so I thought I’d try them out. Nothing like new food items to pique the interest!

The pots come with a spork, though if I’m honest it’s a bit of a feeble plastic effort. As I’ve been at home or work when I’ve tried them so far, I’ve used a proper fork or spoon (as appropriate). I think even when travelling I’d take my spork which is much stronger. That said, it’s good to know that it is possible to eat them without any external utensils being necessary.

I enjoyed all of the breakfast mixes. Despite being the end of May when I was eating them, the weather has been cold and damp so a warm breakfast made a nice change from the overnight protein oats I had been eating. Surprisingly to me, my favourite flavour was the banana & sultana. Often I find the banana flavours too artificial, and I’ve never been a nesquik (or similar) fan. However these are lovely and natural, and I found the balance of this flavour the best, though all are good.

I was less of a fan of the meals if I’m honest. I found the sauces a bit watery. And those I know will testify I prefer my sauces a lot thicker. Yes, the spoon should stand up in them 😉 I had put what I thought was the bare minim of water, as I’d done with the breakfasts. The flavours were decent though, and I would eat them again in situations where I only had access to hot water. The chilli beef and jerk chicken were obviously spicier than the mediterranean chicken, and again down to personal preference, would be the two I’d have again.

Since I’ve had the breakfast meals, I’ve also had the change to tray another ready mixed porridge sold as a protein porridge. And I have to say all the offerings from Sport Kitchen are better, and I prefer the macros. I shall definitely be stocking up on these for when time is short. Or I’m feeling lazy 😉


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