Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – June 2014

geralt / Pixabay

Time for more monthly musings! I know, I know, I have no idea where time is going still.


Good – Training

My training progress has been good this month. I started in earnest on the new plan in May, but the personal bests have come along in June. I know they are training rather than competing bests, but they all count! At least in terms of progress and motivation.

Combining squats, deadlifts, and kettlebell work might sound a bit mad but on the whole it seems to have come together in a complementary way. I’ve hit some decent PBs (personal bests) in all areas as well, not just one of them. That 2x bodyweight deadlift will be mine 🙂


Bad – Stress

I’ve had to deal with some stressors this month outside of my control. This has always tended to get to me, but after events a few years back, I am very wary of this scenario. I’ve raised it as a concern with those that needed to know, but I’m not sure I made much headway. External daily deadlines (in software development) are painful, and not all that helpful. I always have a personal plan for each day, and teams/colleagues discuss things daily, but I definitely prefer to deliver in chunks. And then when it gets in the way of auxiliary training (HIIT in this case) – grrrrrr!


Meh – Uselessness

A nightmare week in the month where I kept forgetting things, dropping things, … Though kudos to me for keeping on track with macros. Even though I managed to forget several meals already prepared for work throughout the week, and exploded one I did remember while preparing it! I’m thinking this may well be related to the Bad above 🙁



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