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MuscleFood Review

C. Knight / krider

We have had a few deliveries from MuscleFood now, and been impressed with all of them. This post is just a quick MuscleFood review, rather than the recipes for everything that you’ll see. I need scope for further posts 🙂

Not only is the chicken and beef incredibly good quality, and in the case of the beef, very lean, but they have now started to do more exotic meat; springbok, kangaroo, … We already ate venison, but I was really pleased to see MuscleFood start stocking that too. I love me a bit of bambi 🙂 Having done one order from another online supplier, plus many many purchases from supermarkets, I can quite honestly say that the chicken breasts are awesome. Very little, if anything, to trim off, clearly not pumped full of water, and they cook up lovely and juicy. And if you have the freezer space to get the 5kg packs, fantastic value.

I am also quite fussy about my red meat and there is no problem with anything we’ve had from MuscleFood. The lean beef is indeed very lean, but makes some awesome casseroles. The venison and kangaroo are also excellent. I am a burger fan too, and to be able to get burgers and sausages from lean meats (and they provide macros on their website – yay MuscleFood) is fantastic. I find these great to cook then heat up for lunches at work with salads for quick, and healthy meals.

All deliveries have arrived when promised, and I’ve had them delivered to both home and work depending on my schedule. The packaging keeps things safe and cold in transit. And I’ve even reused the gel bags as freezer blocks #recycling!

If you were considering getting some good british meat (exotic aside obviously) then I’d definitely say you could do worse than check out MuscleFood. They have a wide range of products to choose from, so there should be something to suit everyone. They even do protein ready meals with a long shelf life which I have a few of for work day emergencies when there are no leftovers or I’ve not had time to prepare in advance. If you use the referral code CK10539 you will get some free stuff in your order too. The offers change from time to time, but free meat of any sort has to be a win!

Also, those who think IIFYM is all junk, I hope the meals you see here convince you that mostly it is good wholesome food 🙂


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