Lean Shake Protein Pancakes

C. Knight / krider

I made a discovery recently of a protein powder created by PNI Supplements; Lean Shake Plus. What is amazing about this stuff is that it can be mixed into a batter just using water and cooked with complete ease. And the macros on what it produces are consequently awesome with minimal fats and carbs!

I’ve been working my way through a bag of this for about six weeks now, mostly having creations at the weekend. Partly because it’s when I have access to a hob during the day (it’s often my lunch!), but also because of the macros it allows me to have bigger meals in the evening if we are going out, or the hubby is cooking me one of his tasty creations. A single scoop of this power has 27g of protein, but only 1.3g of carbs, and 0.8g of fat. I often use two scoops mixed with water to make a meal sized batch of pancakes. Depending on what else I’m eating that day I top with greek yoghurt, fruit (usually berries, just because I like them), zero calorie syrup, dried fruit, sprinkles, … The possibilities are endless 🙂

I’ve also experimented with mixing in another protein powder with the lean shake on a 1:2 ratio, to avoid the rubber effect cooking normal shakes can cause. This has also worked well and varied the flavour. As I have the vanilla lean shake it goes with most other flavours. I can certainly recommend the Cellucor Cor-Fetti flavour with that. (Side note: those in the UK will have to import that via eBay sellers sadly. Nice taste and appearance though!) If you fancy having some easy to cook pancakes with a high protein level, do yourself a favour and search out some lean shake. I’ve not had a failure yet, and self concocted pancakes have certainly failed many a time for me.

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