Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes Review

C. Knight / krider

I’ve had the Adidas Adipower Weightlifting Shoes now for around a couple of months. Obviously I did very little lifting for a month in the middle, but I did manage to wear them just before the injury and I’ve been wearing them since. Not least because I sold my old lifting shoes cheaply to my training buddy so they’d get a new lease of life 🙂

I bought these over the Romaleos because based on other reviews I found they said the Adipowers were a much narrower fit. Even though the neon colour was calling me 🙂 I’ve clearly made the right decision, as the velcro straps almost touch the floor with the Adipowers when pulled tight. Yep, I have very narrow feet! I bought my normal size for sports shoes though. No messing around with sizes up or down, and they fit fine.

These are noticeable stiffer than my old lifting shoes, and I do sometimes get cramp in my feet after a longer set with the kettlebells. But actually I think that’s a good thing, and something that will be easier over time. It shoes me how flexible the cheaper shoes were and given the weights I’m trying to move now, I need to stiffness to help with the force when jerking.

I found the bit around the ankles very stiff at first. As expected though, that has eased the more I’ve worn them and they have adjusted to me, as much as I have to them.

As an added bonus they look cool too 🙂

I have discovered that press-ups in them is very tricky, due to the lack of flex, so any mixed circuits with lifting really needs to be done in normal workout shoes, or perhaps the crossfit variant of lifting shoes (not that I own any). The Adipowers are very much just a lifting shoe. However they are not a heavy shoe, and don’t feel annoying or cumbersome when worn for intended activities.

I would recommend these shoes over the cheaper versions. In this case it is definitely a case of getting what you pay for. That said, look out for discounts from retailers, as they are not cheap and even a 10% saving (which I got) makes a nice difference. I would also say that for lifters with narrow feet they are definitely the way to go. Any wider fit and I’d have trouble making them firm around my foot which would be bad when shifting heavy weights.

Just a final plea to Adidas though – please can we have them in fluorescent colours 😀 For those who don’t want red, it has been rumoured that this summer (2014) there will be more colours available, with both white and black versions of this shoe…



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