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Wolverson Kettlebell – Competition Win

C. Knight / krider

Not another gold medal. Not yet anyway* 🙂

I’ve won an actual kettlebell this time. Wolverson, who make the GSU bells, ran a competition a couple of weeks ago on Facebook to name a kustom kettlebell. The winner got to keep said wolverson kettlebell.


I saw the post whilst busy at work, and popped on a quickly thought out answer as stress distraction activity! Turns out that diversion activities are worth it, as the following week Wolverson contacted me via Facebook as the winner 🙂 A very fast dispatch (the same day), and the kettlebell arrived at work the following day.

C. Knight / krider

C. Knight / krider

I was really pleased to win this bell. Not only is it a one-off (so far!) piece of awesomeness, but it’s a GSU bell which I’ve come to love, and it’s a 12kg which complements the 16, 20, and 24kg bells I’ve already purchased. Since I ordered the two heavier ones just before I injured myself, they’ve not actually been used! The 12kg has already proved useful in my rehab and building my way back up.


GSU bells sit so comfortably on the arm in the rack position despite the larger handle. I have to admit to misgivings when I first saw them. Especially as I have ridiculously small hands. It took a little adjustment but now I’d use these in preference to any other competition kettlebell as it seems to cause less fatigue in the forearms due to the way it rests. Even if you are not a member of GSU, I urge you to try these bells. Your forearms will thank you 😉

(Just a note to say this is not a sponsored post. It was a genuine competition win, and I was already a fan of these particular kettlebells.)

*A girevik, even a deskbound one, should have goals!

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