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Ranking – GSU Rank 1 Athlete

C. Knight / krider

I learnt last week that I am now a GSU Rank 1 in Long Cycle, based on my set at Glasgow 🙂

This was one of my goals from the competition, as longer term I would like to get CMS. I also worked on my technique as well as moving up a weight. My previous attempt at ranking (level 2) wasn’t good enough and I received a rejection email. Whilst disappointed at the time I did received good practical feedback enabling me to improve in those areas. It also gave my coach specific things to shout at me about 😉

To achieve ranking, a lifter must hit a minimum number of reps in their ten minute set. That number depends on male/female, event, body weight, and kettlebell weight. The full details are on the GSU Ranking Tables page. Where it also tells me I need another 4 reps more with 4kg more to get CMS! These ranks are not given out lightly (pun intended).

At the time of writing this post (April 2014) there are only 15 GSU ranked athletes (various levels) at Long Cycle. And as I’ve said above, I know it’s not given out without the set passing muster with committee. #seriouslychuffed

I’m disappointed to not be in Manchester today, but focusing on my achievement here helps!


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