Monthly Musings

Monthly Musings – April 2014

geralt / Pixabay

Seems it’s time for Monthly Musings again! Time is flying by as usual.


Good – Rank, Kustom Kettlebell, Training

There have been some real highlights this month 🙂 I’ve blogged about a couple of them already; getting rank and winning the kustom kettlebell.

The other main highlight was my training. I created myself a four-week plan after I’d been given the green light to get back to normal by the physio. This was two sessions a week with the barbell, one with kettlebells, a HIIT session, and then random cardio like run/cycle/… for leisure. Each week I’ve increased weights on the  barbell and kettlebells, and whilst I’m not quite at my previous PBs, I’m close 🙂


Bad – Nothing!

I’m pleased to say that there is nothing major outstanding here. Even work issues have quieted down 🙂


Meh – Missing Manchester

Despite coming to terms with missing the GSU English Championship when I withdrew, I found I was in a bit of a down mood last Friday and Saturday about it all. I know I’m currently in no shape to replicate what I did in Glasgow, but I still found it hard when the rest of the team were deloading in the week before going, doing the weigh-in, winning medals, etc.

Still, onwards and upwards eh! 🙂 And my base strength is coming on really well, even if I’ve done less kettlebell specific training of late. Deadlifts FTW!


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