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Rhomboid Injury

stux / Pixabay

So, ahead of me managing to write-up my new training plan which involves playing with the 20kg bell as well, I’ve gone and managed to injure myself 🙁

I’ve pulled something in my rhomboid region. I had some trigger points there at my last sports massage, but me and trigger points is not an unusual combination. I like to make my body work 😉 I felt it get worse doing heavy kettlebell cleans, though oddly, the jerk and overhead move were not an issue. A training session on Tuesday morning (4th) was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s (er my 😉 ) back.

Helen sent me home with icing instructions which I did exclusively for 48 hours, and now I’m also using heat therapy. I’m glad to say I’m off the painkillers (four days later) but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to even start light training. I need to rest more. Something that I find difficult.

I’m fed up because of the inactivity and the injury, but also because I think I dismissed warning signs as just workout wear and tear. I know this is all part of the living and learning process, and that I’d know the signs of something similar in the future, and hindsight being a wonderful thing etc, but I still find it frustrating. I’m also finding it annoying because my time at BBF (metafit, boxing, gpp, or kettlebells) is time that I use to de-stress, reset my head, etc. and I’m unable to do that at the moment.

I was very down on Tuesday, though now I’m at the stage of thinking through training options and schedules, and which competitions to target if I do have to forgo the next GSU one. I guess I need to bear in mind that injuries are just part of being an athlete, even a deskbound one. And for now I’ll need to be a bit more deskbound! Kettlebells are a long-term thing for me, even though I was (and am) hungry to make progress with technique and weights.

I need to focus on eating sensibly and keeping on top of my nutrition (which may have been slightly affected this week due to the medicinal nature of whisky and chocolate) and doing rehab work as soon as I can. As daft as it sounds I can’t even run, because of the twisting motion the upper body makes causing me pain! It’s amazing the impact that a rhomboid injury has on a wide range of motion; thankfully I can still type so I can do my day job 🙂



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