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Unusual Taper Technique

C. Knight / krider

So my taper has turned into a slightly unusual one; being ill ๐Ÿ™

Various people, including hubby, had bugs last week, and despite trying to avoid it I succumbed over the weekend. I managed my final competition session on Saturday morning though my heart rate was higher than I’d expect through it all. I then ached a lot. More than I have done with similar workouts. I put all that down to previous blogged about tiredness.

However as the day wore on it was clear it was more than that. Sunday I did very little other than some food prep of a healthy curry, and wrote the post about long cycle posted on Monday, but by the evening I’d developed a temperature as well. That continued for about 36 hours in total, with one very disturbed night of flipping between freezing and boiling. And feeling really quite sorry for myself.

Also affected was (is) my appetite. Great for ensuring the weigh-in should be fine. Appalling otherwise, as I’m losing muscle mass not fat, it will slow my recovery, and potentially I’ll have a lot less energy at my disposal at the weekend. The one bright spot is I have managed to keep my liquid intake high. Quite possibly higher than normal which will help my body. I also have a cunning carbs plan post weigh in which I hope will help to restore some energy at least short-term.

I’ve not done any of my taper activities. I’d planned a metafit session, some light kettlebell work, and a few short runs. I very much doubt I’ll do any. Yesterday a shower required me to have a lie down to recover my energy levels! Losing my appetite and needing to rest this much is a sure sign I’m properly ill. The former rarely happens! ๐Ÿ˜‰ The latter more so the older I get. But perhaps I also listen to my body more these days.

I was very down about it all on Sunday evening as I realised this was something of an evil virus rather than a simple head cold. I felt like I’d wasted a solid ten week training plan. I think I’ve got over that now. There are other competitions, although as my first last year GSU ones hold a soft spot for me. I can go along and try my best. I just need to re-evaluate my goals, and what I expect my best to be, in light of my health this week. I’ve had enough go on in my life to know that health really should be valued more highly than it is. That and some moral support from a couple of friends – thanks guys! As one of them pointed out to me, that training will hold me in good stead for future competitions as well as this one.

The cough has reached my chest which is not unusual with these sorts of viruses as a chronic asthmatic, but I’ll battle through at the weekend the best I can. I’ve rested a lot and taken two full days off. A rarity, as I often work from home when ill because I can. And because I’m not good at sitting doing nothing. Here’s hoping the carb load on Friday/Saturday helps and that I don’t completely embarrass myself ๐Ÿ™‚

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