Jantastic Shout-Out

This is just a quick post as a shout out to Jantastic, and my twitter friend SmirnieOutdoors (@SmirnieOutdoors).

I was chatting with her in December about life, fitness, and suchlike, and mentioned Jantastic, that I’d just learnt about from BBF. She’s doing amazingly through the motivation it is providing as you can read about in her Fantastic Jantastic post. An awesome amount of weight lost in just one month, done in a sensible way through increased exercise and good nutrition. She’s also now smoke free too. Pop by and give her your support.

I can completely understand the competitive element. I enter competitions as goals for myself to train towards, and to aim at ranking, not necessarily to win on the day. Though of course doing well is an added bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ Knowing I have goals and deadlines forces me to get on with it on days I’d rather stay in bed!

I’ve just had to use a joker for my runs this week ๐Ÿ™ More details in the post tomorrow.

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