Deload Over!

piper60 / Pixabay

So I had a week off training last week. Which I think I needed for recovery from my illness as much as recovery from the training. I did do the Kettlebell Sport class but that about sums last week up. Deloads are important in training I’ve realised as I’ve progressed. The more you push yourself, the more I think they can be beneficial in giving the body time to adapt. And I’d handily had some extra calories the few days hubby and I spent exploring Glasgow which the body could utilise too ๐Ÿ™‚

However, back to it now! Metafit last night for a bit of HIIT fun, and then in for a training session with the coach this morning. This (for me) involved a test mini set (long cycle of course) to help her plan out my training plan for the English Open in Manchester. Managed to surprise myself with what I lifted as I was umming and ahhing over kettlebell weights for the test set. I then also cranked out five minutes with the competition weight I’d used in Glasgow. All after barely touching kettlebells for over a week ๐Ÿ™‚

On the one hand I had very little energy last week, but I have missed the structure that training gives me when I have a goal. Coincidentally, last week I also read this post on achieving goals which talks about the importance of systems and processes, and by committing to those the goal ends up being achieved, with the ability to tweak if necessary. This makes a lot of sense and is something that I’ll be considering going forward as after Manchester it will be a while until the next kettlebell competition and I don’t want to lose the gains I hope to have made by then. If I have some kind of “off-competition” routine (or should I say process) before then that would be fantastic. Though I think these plans needs to include deloads and refeeds. For my sanity as much as my physical wellbeing.

It feels good to ache again ๐Ÿ˜€

Though I expect in a few weeks I’ll be very much looking forward to the next deload!


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