2014 GSU Scottish Open Championships

C. Knight / krider

A team of five from BBF, including my coach, headed to Glasgow to compete. I also had my husband with my for moral support – very necessary as he is one of the few who is able to keep me calm! Everyone was competing in Long Cycle, and two of the team were competing for the first time at a GSU event.

In the end Team BBF came away with four gold medals 🙂

In my case I was able to not only complete the ten minutes of long cycle, which I’d only done once before in training, but maintain 11 reps per minute to get a massive PB of 110 reps in the 10 minutes. This in itself was all I wanted before the competition. In fact more! I would have been happy with 100 reps 🙂 To then get a gold medal was real icing on the cake. The medal classifications were based on amount lifted so factored in weight, reps, etc. so those extra 10 reps counted!

In some ways this was more of an achievement (to me) than my first competition last August as I’d dropped down a weight category (bodyweight) and had also gone up a kettlebell weight category from 12kg to 16kg. I’d also been following a more specific training plan and had really, really focused on what I wanted to achieve rather than just getting there and taking part.

C. Knight / krider (2014 GSU Scottish Open)

C. Knight / krider

I have to say that the GSU Scottish Open Championships was excellently organised by the Scottish Kettlebell Club. Everything seemed to run smoothly all day. At least from my perspective 🙂 Timings were kept pretty much spot on all day with a 3 minute changeover adhered to by both lifters and organisers, with no pointless waiting around. There was easy access to food and drink from a variety of places both round the corner, and slightly further afield. The atmosphere was great too. Loads of support even with people coming and going. The weigh-in the day before had been quick and painless as well.

I actually disappeared for a few hours after the competitors briefing. I could feel myself getting more and more nervous, and a niggle in my shoulder was feeling more obvious due to the tension. This did me no favours last time so I decided to deal with it! I went back to the hotel to meet up with hubby, and we chilled watching some of the Winter Olympics, before heading for something to eat. This was exactly what I needed to keep myself calmer, and then I walked back to the venue with a nice half hour walk which got the blood flowing and where I focused on my lifting set (and coughed quite a lot!). I was then able to watch most of the BBF sets (apart from where I was getting warmed up).

In the evening many of us went to a Chinese restaurant in central Glasgow and it was a lovely end to the day which had also been organised by the Scottish club. A few drinks, some ace food (black pudding pancakes – awesome!), and a load of banter was just what was called for. I did have a major coughing fit at the restaurant but given how ill I’d felt earlier in the week, and that I’d managed my set, I’m happy it was only that 🙂

Thanks to hubby for the pictures above that show me. Handy being married to a David Bailey 🙂

Thanks to my coach Anna for helping me to improve to get to this point, and to hubby for being there for me and for being willing to visit different bits of the UK with me. And to the cats for putting up with random kettlebell training at home and the accompanying chalky strokes 😉


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