Inov8 Bare-X

C. Knight / krider

A delivery last week saw my New Year bargain hunting items arrive. Some more Inov8 minimalist training shoes. Bare-X 180 more specifically. I love these for running in, and doing any kind of general exercise. I even wear them to and from BBF, and to the office. Another benefit is that they are perfect for deadlifting as they are flat and I stay planted which is great for pushing the weight.

I started my barefoot/minimalist journey in two-fingers to the orthopaedic junior who suggested I stop doing active things! Which probably isn’t the best rationale, but hey ๐Ÿ˜‰ I definitely feel it has strengthened my weaker ankle as I’ve made the muscles all work harder and over time they have strengthened. Really pleased I made the move, but it does take some transition work. Be prepared for the calves to complain, and to need to make use of a foam roller and sports massage.

If you want to check out these shoes, still at a great price, then have a look at Delivery times are often slow sadly, but I’ll take that for the saving. I’ve used them several times now and they are reliable. Inov8 do have a variety of Bare-X, F-Lite and other minimalist shoes but these are by far my favourite. Plenty to choose from in terms of style and colour, and with different minimalist levels as you transition. Have a browse and give it a go!

Inov8 also do great trail shoes, which I use in the fells but that’s a different post ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Switched to minimalist running before started serious running training for my Ironman, very pleased I did. Like you said the transition takes some time (still ongoing!), but you really can feel the benefits from the off set. Had no injuries or muscle troubles since switching and can run for miles without any soreness. Currently using the Vivobarefoot breatho trail’s (mainly because I like running in crazy places), but they have been worth every penny.

    • I have vivo day to day footwear and can’t fault that either. Just prefer the look of the Inov8 trainers ๐Ÿ™‚

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