First 500 Swings of 2014

C. Knight / krider

So I’ve done the first 500 swings of the 10,000! (Not outside despite the picture – I took that Summer 2013!)

I did them after clean and jerking (the two moves that make up a long cycle in kettlebell sport) just shy of 2 tonnes. So it was fair to say that I was both warmed up, and fairly well exercised in the shoulder and upper arm!

It was interesting swinging for volume. By the second of the five sets I could feel my grip a bit, and by the 50 swings on the last set I was lucky to hold on. Thankfully no flying kettlebells. (Unlike New Years Eve – I still have no idea how that left my hand but it did!) However I didn’t feel much in the posterior chain as I’m using to swinging heavier, deadlifting heavy, etc. One thing I did notice later on though was the lack of ache from the jerking which I’ve had lately, so maybe it eased all that out.

This time I did 2/3/5 bodyweight full press-ups between the swing sets (10, 15, 25, 50) Others I’ve pencilled in are burpees and jump squats. It took 32 minutes this time. I would hope after a few weeks, all other things being equal, I’d get that speeded up a little due to not needing as much forearm recovery between sets.

I shall continue with these interspersed into my other training and see what happens. Definitely some good cardio with a bit of resistance. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not focusing just on this so there is not a hard month deadline on it, but I suspect I won’t be far away.

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