Box Bell Fit Anniversary

This month marks the second anniversary of me finding Box Bell Fit (BBF hereafter as I’m lazy!). That kind of makes me one of those New Year gym sorts… But one that has continued to go, and really, it was just accidental that January was when I started to get my life back together after a turbulent year or so.

I hope anyone reading this who has resolutions to lose weight or change their diet is ready for the long haul. Sorry about that…! Unless you make drastic changes in one or both of those areas it will take a while. Drastic changes may also not be best in the long-term. Consistency and manageable incremental changes are key.

Have I been discouraged  or fed up? Not wanted to train? Wanted to eat stuff I know is less than optimal for my body (notice I didn’t say bad!)? All of these and probably many more. My weight loss has been slow, but I’ve achieved it through lifestyle changes that will be sustainable. Sure I would have loved a magic pill, or to not have to work at it, but sadly that’s not how it goes. And actually I’ve earned where I am now, even with a few kg of weight and % body fat still to drop. I was able to take a diet break over Christmas and the New Year and not worry about macros, drink some alcohol, yet I only put on half a kg. Yes I continued training over the festive season, but I truthfully enjoyed those sessions! Hmm I’m digressing. Perhaps I’ll do more on all this in another post…

Anyway back to BBF!

It’s an awesome training venue that didn’t exist in its current form when I started at a Bootcamp. I like to think I’ve grown (smaller me/bigger BBF) with it 🙂 If you keen to try boxing, which initially got me interested in trying out BBF, or kettlebells, circuits, metafit, or need some personal training and are in the area I can’t recommend them enough. It’s on the edge of Wokingham and easily reachable from many parts of Berkshire including Bracknell, Earley, Winnersh, Finchampstead, Sandhurst, etc.

I initially went to a few classes, then a few months down the line I stepped it up and had several months of PT with Anna. She introduced me to the barbell and the rest, as they say, is history! Well, my love of hefting heavy things around was born at the very least. This has now morphed into competing with kettlebells and Anna is able to coach me for that. Now I’m back to attending classes combined with following a personal training plan.

Whilst I’ve been training at BBF, Helen qualified in Sports Massage, so now I get all my kinks ironed out in the same place too. Very handy 🙂 Helen also has some scary thumbs, though your body will thank you for it in the long run.

The other great thing about BBF is how people of all abilities can attend the classes, and Helen and Anna tailor the activities if needed to make them easier or more challenging. It’s a friendly atmosphere. And in my two years I’ve made some really good friends there, and now also have an awesome training buddy 🙂

Note: I have not been paid to say any of this. It’s an honest opinion of where I train. YMMV!


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